05. 12. 2021

Female beauty – what is it?

The parameters of female beauty are the main topic of discussion and debate of all times.

The more this question is researched, the more it is unknown what beauty is in general. In today’s world, thanks to plastic surgery technologies, it is not difficult to get close to the ideal … but which one?

The ideal of female beauty is collective, contradictory, extraordinary.
Entire epochs changed, and with them the standards of female beauty.

The twentieth century has radically changed the worldview. The two world wars, the emergence of feminism, scientific and technological progress throughout the century have greatly influenced the idea of ​​the beauty of the female body. Clothes, make-up and hair – have become a means of self-expression.
Women freed themselves from tight corsets, began to wear pants, mini-skirts, discovered short hairstyles. Became more relaxed, independent and did not hesitate to use cosmetics.

In the 21st century, the fashion for thinness and “heroin chic” has receded into the background.

Individuality is in trend. Plus-size and middle-size models appear on the covers of magazines and catalogs. The general passion for tanning at the beginning of zero was replaced by the desire for naturalness: to have light skin with freckles, burnt blonde has found a replacement in natural shades.

Beauty standards are not a constant, so what and what will be the “fashion” in the next decade – we can only guess.
But the duality of female nature allows you to successfully and easily combine motifs of past and present.

And there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman who is aware of her beauty and knows how to properly dispose of it.
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