06. 12. 2021

Portrait of a SO.woman

“…Promise me, promise me,
That there will always be a light in your window.”

We promise something else – that our SO.woman will always be flawless.
No matter where the whirlwind is, a woman’s nature will save the situation.

Fragility and awe combined with resolute character and feminine wisdom – a mixture of hellish, seductive, incredibly attractive.

These were burned by the flames of the 15th century, called witches and classified as paranormal.

Our SO.woman burns the fire of love for life, home, close to the heart of ideas, new beginnings and aspirations. Love for a partner who cherishes and values ​​as the greatest treasure. Love for children who see their mother loving, wise, prudent, ready to listen, advise. And this image is delicate, full of manners, grace, as befits a real queen.

Queens wear the best – it doesn’t matter if it’s a solemn event, a family dinner, a walk in the backyard or an evening with a book in the living room.
Hair falling in waves on the shoulders touches the thin state. Fine lace dresses, silent steps around the house, where everyone is already asleep, and a passionate evening with a loved one.

Pure magic.

Black and white silk dress with a deep neckline on the back – the move of a real queen.
A long delicate dress with buttons – as if from the novels of the Victorian era.
A short playful dress with lace is an image of a coquette from Parisian cafes, who will love to run barefoot in the summer rain.

All these manifestations of feminine energy and emotional versatility inspire us to create evening lingerie worthy of a true queen.

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